What's Boudoir photography and why every woman should try one of these sessions.

So, you’ve heard of boudoir photos, but have you considered doing them yourself? The photos are fun, sexy, and perfect for a confidence booster for yourself or as a gift for your partner. But there is so much more to the experience than pretty photos, it’s a celebration of YOU. While you may feel hesitant or even nervous at first, there are many reasons every woman needs to have a boudoir photography session for herself. BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE The biggest reasons women choose not to do a boudoir session is a lack of confidence. They think they’re not thin enough, young enough, or sexy enough and won’t look good no matter what they wear. That’s simply not true and my goal is to change how these women see themselves! As a professional photographer, I know how to pose you to flatter any body type, size, coloring, or age. At Daisy Rey Photography, all boudoir sessions include professional hair and makeup, making you feel glamorous. A few hours of pampering and attention from the camera, and your confidence will be sky high!

CELEBRATE A MILESTONE Maybe you've just had a baby, achieved your weight loss goals, are getting married, or have an upcoming anniversary that means a lot to you. Make a real memory from this amazing time in your life and embrace your successes by celebrating who you are. IT’S A UNIQUE GIFT A boudoir photography session makes a great gift for your fiancé, husband, or partner. Your significant other already thinks you're beautiful, no matter what you look like. Imagine the surprise and desire they’ll experience when they see your professional boudoir photos that were made just for them. Share an intimate moment and gift your partner something they’ll never forget.

CHALLENGING YOUR BODY There's no question about it. For many of us, a boudoir photo shoot is way out of our comfort zone. The adrenaline, however, released from having the courage and strength to see this through will be a feeling like no other. Challenging ourselves is usually when we get the very best from our minds and bodies. It's great to be challenged. By challenging ourselves we learn more about our minds, abilities and personalities.

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