The power of prints

My grand parents just after WW2

This black and white photo of my grandparents was taken just after World War II in Alsace, a region of the north east of France. People were finally free and happy as you can see on this image. Going through all these photos reminds me how important capturing and printing our photos really is. Life is an incredible journey with tons of experiences worth documenting. A photo shoot is a great way to share these memories with the future generations of your bloodline. It will feel so good to be able to look at them years after and remember the good old time.

If this photo was not taken and printed on paper, I would never have been able to see it now in 2019.

Looking at this photo warms my heart, it's a part of my history and who I am in this world. It helps me understand the past, but most importantly, their past. We live in a digital era where everything goes fast, especially time. We are actually more in a NOW generationand than a digital one! All we want, we want it now.

This is why taking photos with our smartphone has become so popular. But with all this amazing technology we tend to forget one essential part: Printing those images on a paper that will survive hundred years from now.

Your beauty photo shoot or family portrait will become your legacy in some way. A capture of how you looked like years from now. Your family will treasure these portraits as heirlooms to pass on from generation to generation. And this is priceless. Seeing these images of my grandparents just reminds me how meaningful my job as a portrait photographer is. I'm not here just to take pretty images to sit on a hard drive but I actually help to build your family history with tangible documents.

This is such an honor for me and I'm so grateful every time a client opens the door of my NYC portrait studio. It's such an honor for me to photograph you, make you have a good time while creating your legacy. I love my job, I love my clients and I'm sure, your grand grand children will love the photos

we created even more.

I want to be your family photographer, I invite you to a private consultation at my New York city photo studio, to talk about the type of portraits you are interested in, and how we can turn them into heirlooms that will outlive us all. This is the power of a portrait.

Their wedding Their first child, my dad