Seeing beauty

When I started my photography journey in NYC, I realized pretty soon that I was interested in portraits.

I always thought that photographing people's faces was fascinating. However the game changer for me was when I realized how I could see the beauty in someone, bring it forward and immortalize it on paper. This happened after years of clients telling me how beautiful they felt on my photos, or how grateful they were that I captured their best self. Now I've made it my speciality and I love it so much. Seeing the whole process of a beauty makeover from the moment my clients walks into my New York City photo studio, to the reveal session where they discover they portraits for the first time, is one the reason that keeps me going and make me a happy and fulfilled woman.

I want to photograph all the beautiful women on this planet, especially those who thing they're not pretty enough, or not photogenic, or too fa, too old, and you name it.... There is no such thing. Your beauty is in your heart and soul and the way you love yourself. All I do is capturing your beautiful soul and it then shows in my portraiture.

I'm so thankful to each of my clients to allow me to do this, you are appreciated and loved deeply!

You can see some transformations we did with lovely clients below, or even more here. All of them thought they could never own beautiful portraits. I proved them wrong!

To book a session, give us a call or send an email. We will create the perfect session for you and create beautiful images that you will love now and cherish forever...