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Daisy Rey Photography is a portrait photographer located in Weehawken, New Jersey and specializes in magazine style photoshoots, artistic maternity, family, and personal branding portraiture. By offering a tailored experience, we strive to capture beauty and authenticity with a fresh and modern approach. Visit the Blog.

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Personal branding | Headshots

Regardless of whether you’re one of the 60% of business owners who work out of their home, an employee for a company, an actor, a writer,a lawyer or the CEO of a major corporation, you are your Brand.

You’ve probably heard that people do business with those they know, like, and trust.

Having a congruent Image (Brand) throughout your social media platforms, website, and your printed materials is critical to building the Know, Like, and Trust your clients want.

People do business with people, not businesses.

So, if your clients are buying from you because of you, then why would you consider your headshot anything but an investment?

While investing in a high-end Headshot may not be in your budget right now, paying for a cheap 'headshot' may not deliver the most beneficial image to you, or your business. Worst case, you might have to do pay for a new session with anther photographer which will double the initial cost.

What makes the difference between a average and a high-quality photographer like Daisy Rey Photography

Experience: New Headshot Photographers will charge less than Photographers who have many years of expertise. Also taking a portrait is more than just a passport photo. It has to look like you in a natural way in your best days. A great photographer will know how to direct you in order to get the best shots and your best angles.

Editing: Typically, low-end Headshot Photographers offer little to no editing to correct blemishes, colors, hair or wrinkles, while high-end Headshot Photographers pride themselves on higher quality and editing each of their portraits.

Equipment: While the iPhone creates great photos, the camera equipment, lighting equipment, computers, and editing softwares necessary to create great professional Portraits cost a lot of money.

The Wal-Mart Effect: The Photography industry, like many other industries, is plagued with "photographers" who are willing to cut their margins to nearly nothing in an effort to just get the job.

Personal branding or also called professional headshots have become more and more stylish throughout the years. These portraits and images look more like magazine style now.

At Daisy Rey photography we will schedule a first complimentary consultation to understand your brand, who you are and what you need the most. Then we will design a photo shoot around your professional niche to create the perfect package. Your professional headshots and portraits should reflect who you are or, what services you provide in a beautiful way that is appealing to your clients or recruiters or clients. Being a New York City portrait photographer, I'm always looking for opportunities to create personal branding that is above average, and that help you stand out in the busy noise of the internet and marketing.

For more information or to book your complimentary consultation, just give us a call or email. We will be happy to help you achieve your goals.