Maternity session...The after...

Every maternity session is unique and special for the family. I photograph portraits of beautiful moms with their cute belly and clothes that reprend their style. One thing we never know at that time, is how this little human will look like in a year or two from now. The beauty of capturing all those moments is also to be able to compare the photos later on. A magic before/After.

I've been photographing Falon's both first and second maternity. This allowed us to create an awesome second portrait with Mimi, the little girl who was in the belly during the first maternity session. Results are amazing!! These type of portraits allow each family to create a legacy wall that will be passed on to the next generations.

Adult Mimi will have these portraits to show to her children, and then, they will have the chance to see them and pass them on to their own children. It is truly a priceless family gift.

In this day and age of new technologies, it is important to use these in a smart way.

I invite you to a free consultation with me to discuss your project and how you would like to start creating you legacy wall. Consultations can take place at my home based studio in NYC or by phone for out of town clients.