How To Take the Perfect Summer Selfie!

No one goes on vacation without their camera or smartphone – you want to remember those cool new places and memories. Unfortunately, you can't bring your favorite portrait photographer, Daisy Rey with you (although this can be negotiable).

Now, how do you capture your favorite bikini, your glorious tan, or your fun adventures in the perfect photo? Let me share a few tips with you.

Lighting is everything

You can never have too much sunshine, right? Well, when it comes to photography, the answer is actually yes you can. The sun moves throughout the day and depending where it's positioned will make the difference. If you’re positioned with your back to the sun, your face is going to be cast in shade and that’s not flattering on anyone. Instead, try to face the sun or, if your eyes can’t cope with it, hold your phone or camera so that the sun is off to one side. Another trick is to have the sun just behind your head to give you a nice halo.

Also note, in the photography world we have what we call "the golden hour". It is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or an hour before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. This is the hour where your lighting will be the best. But hey, not everyone wants to wait for this specific time, so next!

Perfect your poses…

When you’re on the beach you’ll probably find yourself taking selfies in positions you wouldn’t normally take them in, like laying on your back, and with body parts that you’d normally have covered up. Take some time to work out what’s flattering for you.

If you’re on a sun lounger, reclining your back flattens your tummy compared to sitting upright, and bending your legs makes your thighs look leaner. A simple standing pose that works for everyone is to twist your body slightly to one side – instant curves!

…but not too much

Know what all of the best Instagram selfies have in common? They look totally natural. Try not to appear stiff and ‘over posed’. Instead of just standing there with your hand on your hip, do something. Sip a cocktail, twirl a beach ball, splash about in the waves… the result will look beautifully candid and infinitely more interesting than that cookie cutter pose that’s in everyone else’s vacation album.

Pack a sarong

Not totally body confident? That’s fine, most people aren’t. All you need is a chic sarong and you can cover up your least favorite parts and add an edge to your photos at the same time. Trust me, a colorful, chiffon sarong floating about in the breeze looks amazing!

Keep it colorful

Nothing says ‘tropical paradise’ quite like a vivid riot of color. If you want a photo that’s going to stand out and rack up those likes on Instagram, then you’ll need some eye-catching props. From your swimwear to your beach towel to that fruity cocktail you’ve got in one hand, look for bold colors and fun prints – bonus points if it’s all coordinating.

Protect your valuables

Okay, this one is not exactly about improving your photo technique. But no selfie is worth ruining, or losing, your smartphone over. We all know that sand has a habit of getting absolutely everywhere, so be especially careful not to get it on your camera lens. And if you do, try to blow it off rather than rub, so you don’t create scratches.

And though a good selfie session can be fun, it also broadcasts to lots of people the fact that you have a phone or camera on you. When it’s time to hit the waves, ask a friend to watch your stuff or take it with you, which brings us onto our final tip…

Go underwater!

If you want a beach selfie that’s really unique, don’t just stick to the sand – get in the water! A splash-proof cover for your phone or camera is a small investment for all of the awesome images you’ll be able to capture underneath those crystal clear waters or in a pool for some fun underwater selfies. Leave your hair to float loose for true mermaid vibes.

Have fun on vacation and don't hesitate to share your photos with me!