How to prepare for your maternity shoot

Maternity Photography sessions are one of my favorite type of sessions to create in my NYC studio.

You are entering motherhood, an incredible journey that will change the course of your life. This is a time where you might not feel beautiful but trust me you are.... You are creating life within you, what a wonder you are at this moment!

At Daisy Rey Photography we want you to remember it that way! Here are some tips to help you prepare for your maternity session and make this experience as smooth as possible.

1. Your maternity shoot experience will start with a consultation, like any of our shoots. This is the time we set aside to discuss your style, the type of images you like and what looks we are going for. If you have any ideas to suggest don't hesitate to show us images using Pinterest. This is your photo shoot and we are here to make it unique.

2. Try to relax and be rested before your session. It will make the experience even more enjoyable.

3. No lotion on the belly the day of your shoot. Shiny bellies make light hard to control…soft and powdery is what we’re going for.

4. The day of your session arrive with no makeup on, clean hair and clean filed nails. You can have a manicure the day before or just apply a clear polish.

Have loose and comfortable clothes on that day. Tight pants, bra or socks leave marks and we want your skin to look its best. Bring nude, black and white undergarments, the clothes we discussed a the consultation and any props you would like to add for the shoot: baby booties, ultra-sound images, crowns...

5. My talented team of hair and makeup artists will set the mood for your session and pamper you like never before. Enjoy this relaxing moment.

6. The shoot: I will start guiding you into beautiful and flattering poses in a relaxing atmosphere with your favorite music. Don't hesitate to tell me what you are comfortable with or not. Some women desire nude maternity images, some are not comfortable showing their baby belly bare skin. I'm here for you and will listen to you. Whatever your preference is, we will always create beautiful photos.

I hope this helps to calm any fears and get you even more excited about your upcoming maternity shoot at Daisy Rey Photography.

We know you’re going to love your experience of being pampered and beautifully photographed in our studio and we just can’t wait to create art with you as the subject!!