Folio boxes, the art of storing your most precious moments forever.

The most common inquiry I used to hear when I started to offer prints was, “I just want the digital files?” We all love posting images online. So let’s explore this a little more. Sure you can get a USB of images, but then what? You’ll post a few to Instagram or Facebook to show your friends and families, then will sit in your drawer for a year or two. After a couple weeks, images will get lost in your social media feed and worst case scenario, you might even loose your usb or your computer might crash. We know technology constantly changes and we can't possibly rely on our kids scrolling back 20-30 years from now to see their parents or baby pictures!

This is where Daisy Rey Photography is different!

I specialize in custom experiences that are transformed to a gorgeous, handcrafted Folio Box and archival prints for you. Each box comes with a crystal usb drive to allow your to share your portraits online as well. 

These beautifully handmade, customized boxes hold all of your matted prints from your session. You can display it on your coffee table, on a desk, on a sofa table, on a shelf. The reason why I love this product so much is because you can use it in so many ways!

It's the perfect way to hold your prints, so you can preserve these memories for generations to come. 

It's also a versatile heirloom because you can take out your matted prints and display them on a little easel frame. a shelf or frame them to hang on your wall.

They are the perfect size and can hold up to 30 prints from your session. The amazing thing about these boxes is when your children grow up, they will have a tangible keepsake to look at. As technology rapidly changes, they could lose their entire childhood of memories

I believe in providing a full experience to my clients. From planning your session to the final display of your images. I make it incredibly easy for you to enjoy your images right away!

Wouldn't this look amazing displayed in your home? There is a HUGE difference in quality, trust me.