Celebrating love with photographs

I met Jacqueline and Matt through a client of mine. They wanted to celebrate their love with professional portraits and on paper. They understand the value and longevity these portraits will bring.Even though they were getting married in August, they still wanted a special portrait session that would be more intimate, to capture and remember the beginning of their new journey together as newlyweds.

We scheduled session at my new York portrait studio in July. After the initial consultation, they decided to go for 3 different looks. One was very classy, the second and third more casual, like they would dress in their everyday life. We had so much fun that day and I couldn't stop but smile while watching these two love birds in front of my lens. The love they have for each other could be felt in the entire room and it felt good.

If you too, would like to gift your significant other with a thoughtful idea, a professional photo shoot might be it. These images will last forever!