A mother and daughter's bond

As a contemporary portrait photographer, Mother and daughter photo shoots are some of my favorite. Capturing this special bond is such an honor for me. Creating mother and daughter portraits that will exist for many generations to come and become a legacy is so powerful. In our busy lives we tend to forget about it, but portraits are so important for our families. For now, for tomorrow, for your children, your grandchildren, and even grand-grand-children. I want to invite you to my New York city studio and help you create magical family portraits in color and black and white. Mother and daughter portraits are for any age, any generations and a great occasion to spend time with the women you love the most. With my background in Fashion, I will use the same lighting technic to capture your beauty and special connection. I love to create portraits that tell a story, portraits that are family keepsakes, portraits that will outlive us all.

Contact us today to book your free consulation and prepare for your very special photo shoot. It's a wonderful girls time experience!