7 Tips for making Family Photos FUN!

Here are 7 Tips for Making Family Photos Easy and Fun! Having great family photos means so much to so many families. You will love flipping through the photos years to come and love seeing them framed on your walls. It’s amazing to see how everyone changes over the years. However, taking the photos is another story. It can be stressful and sometimes painful for you. So here are some tips to make the day memorable, not frightening!

1. Find a photographer that is right for you. A photographer that was recommended to you is always a good idea. Look at their Instagram and website. You will be able to determine if you are a “match” to their style right away. Photographers who offer pre-shoot consultations are even better because you get to know them ahead of the session. That way, you will feel more comfortable with them instead of meeting for the first time the day of your shoot.

2. Decide on a date and location ahead of time. Do you want photos in studio? Christmas sessions? Photos with natural light? Make sure you discuss your options with your photographer in advance to secure a location and time.

3. Props: it is usually the responsibility of the family to bring props. Examples may include blankets, matching clothing/scarves/hats, or toys for kids. But, be sure to discuss ahead of time with your photographer as they might have some props as well.

4. What to wear. You’ll want everyone to look good together and the best way to do that is to coordinate your clothing. So pick a color palette and see what you can put together. 5. Have fun with candids! Not every photo has to be staged or forced. Find a photographer that lets the kids run around or be themselves. Sometimes the best pictures are the candid, natural ones. Be on the lookout for photographers that simple say, “Say Cheese”. That’s a no-no in my book! You don’t want dated school photos; you want fun, natural, relaxed photos. When I shoot, I spend time with each child individually to capture his or her essence as well as unique qualities.

6. Choose the best time of day for your family (kids). It may have to be after nap time (and certainly after they’ve eaten).No one wants to be photographed if they are hungry. Bring Snacks and water along as well (avoid colored liquids to avoid spills).

7. Order prints!! Many times, I take family photos and see them on FB a few days later, then that’s it. They remain on “the inter-web”. The best investment you will make is printing your images and hanging them on your walls for all to see. A good photographer can help you arrange and order prints that match the look and feel of your décor as well.

Bonus tip: if you’re nervous to get family photos taken because you feel like you aren’t looking your best, you’re not thin enough, your hair doesn’t look good, or you just feel like it’s never the right time, get them taken anyway! Remember, your family and children love you just the way you are, today. You will cherish these photos for years to come, and no one will care if you put on a few pounds or your hair is not perfect…who is?? I promise you won’t regret it!

Hope this helps!!

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With love, always.