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Daisy Rey Photography is a portrait photographer located in Weehawken, New Jersey and specializes in magazine style photoshoots, artistic maternity, family, and personal branding portraiture. By offering a tailored experience, we strive to capture beauty and authenticity with a fresh and modern approach. Visit the Blog.

Serving all New Jersey, and the surrounding areas.



There’s probably not enough words to describe why you should get your portraits taken.

But here are just a few!


CONFIDENCE. Change the way you see yourself, I will show you how beautiful you are.

LOVE. Love, celebrate, and empower yourself.

FUN. Try something new, dress up, relax and have fun. Remember the day as well as the images.

FUTURE. Our portraits are designed to last, you will love them now and even more in the future.

FAMILY. Capture moments in your life and put them on paper, not only with your children but also for your children to look back on. These are legacy portraits that will be passed on to the future generations of your bloodline. Portraits of loved ones are so unbelievably precious. It’s the first thing we look for when we miss or lose someone.

After 10 years in the beauty and entertainment industry in Paris, I can proudly say that I know what beautiful looks like. I can find it in anyone and I know how to capture it with my camera.

My team and I will give you an unforgettable photoshoot experience with beautiful magazine style images that you will be proud of showing.

This is my promise to you!