I'm looking for 50 women to join me on a one-of-a-kind experience celebrating your life and your story

In a society that celebrates the young, women over 50 are too often marginalized. At 50+ you are at your prime, you found your voice, your strengths, know who you are, yet you don't always feel great about how you look.

  I'm here to change that!

I want to be able to give these women an experience of feeling beautiful being made up and being seen. For this project I will not only photograph you but also capture your thoughts on aging and advices you would give to younger women.

Let's start a conversation about the beauty of aging and the confidence of finally being comfortable in your own skin. Together we can change the way the world defines aging and we can lift and empower those that are coming behind you.

Join me on this adventure to share the beauty of being a woman of 50 and over.

I will be photographing 50 women over 50 in 2021.

You're invited to a unique experience culminating in a gallery-style exhibition and celebration of women and their stories.


How much does that cost?

I am offering the 50 OVER 50 project as a special promotional package for $450

(total value is $825).

What is included?

As one of my 50 over 50 woman, your package will include:

  • A zoom pre-consultation with me to discuss how you want to be photographed, wardrobe, etc.

  • Professional hair and makeup application by our talented on-site makeup artist (you will feel amazing!).

  • Fully guided, professional photo shoot (the fun!).

  • A reveal and ordering session where you will see all your beautiful images, choose your complimentary print and $250 toward any package if you choose to purchase more.

  • Your photos and/or a video may be published on social media, my website, and a photo exhibition in Winter 2021 (pandemic allowing).

  • Membership in the 50 OVER 50 VIP Facebook  group.

Sessions are limited

2020 sessions begin March 15th

Click above to make your reservation or scroll down to learn more

Through the 50 OVER 50 Project we will...

  • Celebrate that beauty doesn't diminish with age.

  • Highlight your character, spirit, and wisdom.

  • Tell your story about what it means to be aging in today's world.

  • Celebrate your beauty and appreciate every scar, every line, and every gray hair (or not!).

Wether you're feeling invisible, empowered or somewhere bi-between, know that you are loved and your story is important!

I intend to disrupt and transform the way you are viewed or forgotten by the media by showcasing beautiful images and stories of real women.

This is your chance to be seen and heard.


Joelle, 57


Fabienne, 55


Constance, 87


Myra, 54

Why over 50, why me, and why now?

From 3 years old, I was raised by my grandmother.

When she took me under her wing she was 55. I saw her aging gracefully while I was becoming a woman. She always looked beautiful in my eyes and I truly believe that aging is a gift.

As a professional photographer I know how empowering it can be to see yourself in beautiful photographs and I want to share it for all women to enjoy.

It will be fun, fulfilling, and transformational. It's your time, to shine and be heard. Join me on this fun and incredible experience.


Kerry, 54


Are you ready to shine?